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Dachshund shop
Welcome to our dachshund shop. The webshop with the most beautiful items and accessories for the real dachshund lover! Are you looking for cute dachshund items? For yourself, or to give as a gift? Then you’ve come to the right place at KaartjeFleur dachshund shop!
A wide assortment of dachshund gear
You probably ended up in this dachshund webshop for a reason. You’re probably a big fan of dachshunds, and don’t hide your love for these friendly, happy (and also a tad stubborn) critters.

So how fun is it to reflect your love for the dachshund in your interior and/or garden? In our dachshund shop you will find a very wide range of dachshund gear. For example, you can think of:

Dachshund dinnerware;
Dachshund pendants and dachshund key chains;
Dachshund wall signs;
Dachshund napkins;
Dachshund cards;
Dachshund calendars;
Dachshund lamps ;
Dachshund candle holders;
Dachshund doorknobs;
Dachshund figurines.

In short: plenty of choice to attractively decorate both your interior and exterior with the cutest dachshund items.
The finest dachshund accessories
We get requests from dachshund lovers from all over the country, dachshund friends from abroad and even dachshund breeders! People who are proud dachshund owners, as well as those with simply a great fondness for this four-legged friend.

Should your love for the dachshund not be missing from your interior or garden? Then choose the finest dachshund accessories and dachshund decorations. For example, how about a tin dachshund to put away, a dachshund planter, dachshund bookend or dachshund pillows? You name it: KaartjeFleur has it!

We supply only the best quality products. We are therefore very selective in the products we offer in our dachshund shop. So we can assure you of the finest quality dachshund goodies and dachshund accessories.
Dachshund gifts
Are you looking for an original gift for the true dachshund fan? Then, of course, a dachshund gift is the best choice! A little dachshund lover is naturally delighted with anything to do with his/her favorite four-legged friend. Perhaps you are buying a dachshund gift for a friend, girlfriend, family member or co-worker. But perhaps even more fun: a dachshund gift for yourself! Just because you earned it!

In our dachshund shop you can find dachshund gifts of all shapes, sizes and for every budget. How about cheerful wall signs, dachshund mugs, dachshund figurines or a dachshund bracelet? And, of course, a little dachshund gift includes an original dachshund card!

Gift tip: dachshund surprise

During the holiday months, we regularly get requests from people who are busy crafting a dachshund surprise! How fun is that! Dachshund surprises are of course great for the true dachshund friend!

Looking for a fun dachshund gift for any budget? We are happy to think with you. We also wrap all gifts festively for you. That way, just unwrapping is a real treat!
Rough-haired dachshund articles
There are, of course, many types of dachshunds. Brown-haired dachshunds, black dachshunds, miniature dachshunds and … the wire-haired dachshund. Remarkably, we are noticing a high demand is wirehaired dachshund stuff. Therefore, we have expanded our dachshund shop with the cutest wirehaired dachshund goodies!
Dachshund Christmas items
When you are decorating your home for Christmas, of course Christmas dachshund items should not be missing! At KaartjeFleur, we have everything from dachshunds for Christmas!

How about a unique dachshund Christmas ball or dachshund Christmas pendant for the tree? Want to decorate your Christmas table with a nod to your guests? Then choose the most beautiful dachshund dinnerware, dachshund napkins, a dachshund etagere and even a dachshund candle holder!

Tip: Of course, our dachshund Christmas items are also incredibly fun to give as gifts under the tree.
Fast delivery of your dachshund items
At KaartjeFleur dachshund webshop, you can count on fast shipping of your products. Your package is always shipped within 24 hours, so you’ll receive it within 2-5 business days.
Dachshund store in Wassenaar
Finding it hard to choose online? Would you rather come see the products with your own eyes or browse around? Stop by our dachshund store in Wassenaar! We work by appointment only, so please contact us to schedule a shopping appointment. We look forward to welcoming you.